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Welcome to the Gang Bang Club

Welcome to the gang bang club! Here are the rules as listed: 1) You'll be banging a random person with 9 other strangers every session....

Thursday, 26 March 2015

Welcome to the Gang Bang Club

Welcome to the gang bang club! Here are the rules as listed:
1) You'll be banging a random person with 9 other strangers every session.
2) It is only for a month duration.
3) You will be paid 75,000 in cash if you last for that whole month.
4) You are required to come down and bang for atleast 3 days a week.
5) Bangers must be atleast 18 y/o and above.
6) The bang-ee is of the opposite sex and has agreed to terms and conditions.
7) Your identity is safe, you will be wearing a mask.
8) Safety first, you are only allowed to do it with a condom on and you must be cleared from any sexual transmitted disease.
8) You are not allowed at all times to quit or utter a word of what you did. For if you do, you'll get the surprise of your life.

Sounds good doesn't it? That's what Jin thought too. Jin is your average boy has a beautiful girlfriend. A family of 3 which consists of his sister and his mom whom he is very close with. Jin has no father as he passed away when Jin was of young age.

However, Jin has the tendency to get bored of his daily life easily and seeks something new and thrilling. He tried drugs, shop lifting and whatever illegal things he can get his hands on.

One day as he was heading home from school, a stranger, known as Mr. B stopped him and started the convo about the gang bang club. Jin just listened and took the name card and continued home, paying no attention to Mr. B thinking that it's just a load of bullshit.

Weeks passed and as Jin was clearing up his room, he saw the name card that was given and decided to give Mr. B a ring. Mr. B was more then delighted to receive that call and told him in detailed of the rules. At that moment, after he ended the call was just sex and money. He couldn't wait for his first session.

On the night of the banging session, Jin had the time of his life doing it with a random woman. He never thought that a gang bang session would be so thrilling. Jin continued as the week passed. On the 3rd week however, Jin had a shock of his life.

He didn't knew what to do and how he was suppose to react. The woman for that night was his sister. He just couldn't bring himself to actually bang his own sister so he just stood near but never really did anything and didn't allow his sister to touch him.

The next day, Jin asked about his sister whereabouts the night yesterday but only got a cold reply. Thinking that it must have been his imagination he convinced himself that it was somebody else that looked exactly like his sister.

On the next bang session, he got another shock and a heart break. It was his girlfriend. He couldn't bring himself to actually do it with 9 other strangers. He just stood there, lost and dead. Following after, he asked his girlfriend whereabouts at night. Finally after a long arguement, he uncovered the dirty truth that was not told.

The terms and conditions of the random person being banged is that, she will receive a sum of 10,000 cash to do it with 10 strangers. If she rejects the offer, nothing will happen to her. Jin just slumped on the ground, shocked and lost by what he knew. He was beginning to doubt this gang bang club and wanted to quit. He called Mr. B to make a special request to allow him to stop his activities.

Mr. B just said, one more session and you can quit. Jin agreed and went on with the next session. As he was getting his underwear undone, he cried. The woman that he was suppose to bang next was his own mom. He couldn't take it anymore. He took his clothes and just ran out of the place. He went home and cried the whole night.

Next morning, Mr. B called and told him he broke the rule. It was taboo to do so and his surprise will be given to him. He waited anxiously to what was the surprise. Days seemed like weeks to him and finally he recieved a letter and a cd.

The letter wrote, "You my dear banger have broken the sacred law of the gang bang club. Therefore your surprise is as given. You will watch the cd till the very end. After the whole thing ends. You will realize it was not wise to quit. Thank you have a pleasant life."
- Mr. B

Jin played the cd. His eyes grew wide and at that point of time if he could cry blood he would do so as his actions were the cause of it. There lined up was his mom, sister and girlfriend being banged by 30 other guys. He watched only for a minute and fast forward to the end. There a voice was saying that, the ones being banged on screen right now, are slaves for life and will be sold to other countries as prostitutes. This is your given surprise for breaking the one of the golden rule.

As the cd halted, Jin hanged himself in the living room. Forever blaming himself for his actions.

Sunday, 22 March 2015

Dear sanity I miss you come back to me.

What if we can control who dies with a mobile device? Would you use it for good or for evil? Would you kill those who diss you in the early morning?

Let's say you stumble upon that so called phone. Literally a killer device. All you need is just the other party phone number, the number is untraceable and all you gotta do is either say die or say how, when and where. But here is the catch. That person doesn't die. Instead somebody of blood relation dies in his place. Everytime you call, the id shown on that person phone is the one that is gonna die.

Only when all members of his blood relation has die, only then it's his turn. After one complete cycle, you will lose ownership of the phone. When that happens, what will you do? Who can you trust? Seclude yourself from a life without any mobile device? Sure if it's easy living without one in this age. How do you know if it is really your mom whose on the other line? What if it's an emergency?

An example will be, supposedly that somebody of your family was warded and is currently in the A&E and they require any family member to be there to do some admin matters. Just so happen that everybody else is not free. Halfway while you're writing the particulars it states your name and time of death and such. How will you react? Freak out and clarify if the hospital made a mistake?

Go ahead, it'll only make you look like a lunatic. Sooner or later you might want to take your own life to end the madness.

Saturday, 21 March 2015

There is a hell, believe me i've seen it. There is a heaven, let's keep it a secret.

Some find that the world we live in now a bliss and it's heaven to them. While others suffer and seek death as an option to escape from the living hell they have to go through. For Sayuri, having born with heterochromia iridum but orphaned since 3 was ironically having the best of both world.

She was pretty much liked by her peers due to her disease because they, in a way worship it being very different but also beautiful. With that being said, she is surrounded by many but still feel so lonely.

Every night she lays in bed, over thinking. About everything and anything her mind could grab hold of. Eventually she does fall asleep only to wake up to the dreaded mornings where she mourn for having little to no sleep at all.

One unexpected evening as she was walking back from school, she stumbled upon a box. Inside was a ball of fur. Her eyes open in delight as it was a kitten inside. It was curled up, sleeping soundly. Without hesitation she picked up the box and brought it home.

What surprised her further was the fact that the kitten itself has the same eye condition as her. She instantly fell in love with it even more and name it Cuddles. Cuddles had one of the best time living with Sayuri but nothing lasts forever.

As the years past by, Sayuri noticed something odd. Whatever injury Cuddles sustained it will show against her body as well. She didn't thought much of it until one day, Cuddles ran away. Sayuri searched high and low for Cuddles thinking that she won't run far. As she gave up hope, she went home with a heavy heart thinking that was the last time.

Cuddles astonished her by sitting and waiting by the front gate of Sayuris house. Sayuri was elated that Cuddles was back and brought her in. Months past by and Sayuri noticed Cuddles stomach getting bigger. Gradually she confirmed that Cuddles was pregnant.

What she couldn't figure out was why her stomach was getting bigger as well. On a dead silent night, Cuddles was ready to give birth. Sayuri was asleep at that point of time but woke up to Cuddles loud meowing. Sayuri did what she could and wait. She couldn't bear the anticipation.

As Cuddles gave birth to the first kitten, Sayuri felt immense pain coming from her privates below. Her scream engulfs the room as blood covers the tile on the floor. After half an hour of so the silence was deafening. Sayuri died with her stomach concaving inwards.

Her neighbours came to the room but only to be disgusted by the sight. There in the bedroom was only her, dried up and dead. Cuddles was nowhere to be seen up to this very date.
He was a mess, a walking disaster, a living oblivion. He fell in love and that loved was returned back. It went well for the moment but nevertheless all good things must come to an end.

On New Years eve, she confessed that she hasn't been putting in 100% effort in the relationship. He knows all these while but he kept mum for his love could move mountains if it could.

They argued, it got big. They both made rash decisions. She finally wanted to end things. He didn't. He wanted to fix what he knew was the inevitable. On that night he lost her, he lost himself and everything.

Waking up seems like a torture. Sleeping seems like a nightmare. Everything that happened, it reminded him of her and all the little things. He held on. She didn't. She gave him the cold shoulder. Days became weeks. Weeks became months. Months became years.

He knew how it was going to end but he tried to changed the ending not knowing he was half the reason why it came to the ending he wanted to avoid. Admist all the chaos in those years, he grabbed hold of news of her getting married.

He couldn't believe it. So he attended the ceremony itself. Dressed in black as if attending a funeral instead of a wedding, just as the priest said "Is there anybody who objects?" He stood up, walked down the aisle, towards the bride, groom and priest.

Before they know it, the priest was dead. "Yeah, I object." he spoked. Screams and cries filled the air the next second. Minutes changed to hours and finally the place was dead silent. Onslaught was over. The bride, scower for a place to hide but to no avail. He smiled and he killed the woman he love so dearly.

"If we can't be together now, we shall do it in the after life." he whispered to the corpse. He kissed the corpse and took his own life. As life drains away, he sat beside her, holding hands with a smile on his face.